Getting rid of Trojan Horse Virus

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If any one hears about Trojan horse virus first thing which comes to mind is the Greece war where a big Trojan horse was made which had soldiers hiding in it. The opponent considered that they have won the war and they are presented with a gift and took it into the city. This is how the Trojan horse in current internet world also works. Trojan horse virus is a very hectic virus which is not that easy to find and clear it from the system. The viruses will come in the means of downloaded items or sharewares which when executed in the system will affect the system files too. So it is very important to keep an eye on the downloaded items and make sure you download it from the trusted websites. So the question is how to get rid of Trojan horse virus.

Keep updated version of antivirus: Hackers will make use of Trojan horse virus to spy away the private data from the personal. Once a virus is released in the web, antivirus updates will be released which has the ability to find them out and stop their activities. Hackers will not sit quite they will also make some changes to the virus and release it to web such that the current version of the antivirus cannot detect the virus. So it is must to update the antivirus time to time so that there will be an updated patch which will have the ability to find the recent Trojan horse virus.

Very important to scan the registry files and operating system files: If the virus is made to reside in the normal directories of the system where PC users can easily find them out, there is no use as they will delete it immediately. Trojan horse viruses are programmed in such a way that, once they enter into a system, they will make their way to the deeper operating system files and registry files, which most PC users will not be able to easily repair. So scanning the operating system and registry files is very important to protect yourself from the effects of Trojan horse virus. The other way is to find the affected registry files and update the values into the default system values which will bring back the system into normal state. We recommend the newest version of Speedy PC Pro

Task manager deletion: Once the Trojan horse virus has entered to the system, it will be active all the time when the system is running. So if you find that the system is not working properly based on your commands, then make use of task manager and fin out which are all the tasks running at the back ground. If the running process is not a system process and not a process triggered by you, then immediately highlight it and kill that process. But be sure about the process because, if the system process is killed then system might crash or freeze.

Update yourself on the virus: There are many forums and blogs which will provide complete information on the recent Trojan horse virus and how to remove them. For example Microsoft will be updating in the website regularly about this malicious virus. From these blogs or forums you can get to know the name of the files and their residing paths too. If you know more details about it then you can manually delete them easily.

Follow all these measures and keep your system updated with the recent antivirus to prevent any affects of Trojan horse virus and keep your system clean and secured. While browsing you have to make sure you visit the trusted sites only.

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