PC Cleaner Pro Review

pc cleaner pro boxPC Cleaner Pro – The Good:

  • User-friendly
  • Versatile
  • Effectively cleans your registry, eliminates malware, and solves system errors
  • Minimal system requirements means it will run well on your PC

PC Cleaner Pro – The Bad:

  • Can be a little overzealous in identifying errors

We all know what it’s like: you buy a shiny new computer, get it out of the box, take it onto the internet, and it seems like in no time at all it’s getting bogged down. Suddenly startup takes longer and the machine as a whole starts to run slower. There are all sorts of reasons this happens. Maybe you’ve picked up a virus or other malware. Maybe your hard drive is filling up with leftover files from programs you’ve deleted, or with temporary files accumulated from months of internet use. Maybe your registry has gotten clogged with unwanted or unnecessary items.

Well, for all those things and more, there’s PC Cleaner Pro. PC Cleaner Pro is an all-in-one computer maintenance utility that quickly and easily takes care of most of the problems that plague any user who just wants their computer to work. PC Cleaner Pro cleans your computer’s registry, detects and removes malware, cleans up your temporary internet files, and much more, all in an easy-to-use package at a very reasonable price. Here’s a rundown of what makes PC Cleaner Pro such a great product.

User Interface:

All too often the most powerful computer maintenance utilities come wrapped up in a user interface designed for power users. The average computer owner, though, isn’t a power user. Most people want something that’s a little more user-friendly. With PC Cleaner Pro you get a UI that’s simple, clean, and self-explanatory. All of PC Cleaner Pro’s tasks can be performed from a simple centralized window. You can scan your system, clean up your registry, and use any of the software’s system optimization tools via a simple tabbed control panel.

PC Cleaner Pro Scan1

Malware Protection:

Most people would agree that, along with spam email, malware is the bane of the internet. It can hijack browsers, steal personal data, cripple system performance, and worse. What’s more, cleaning malware off of an infected PC can be a major hassle. Anyone who spends any amount of time on the web – especially if they’re not quite as careful as they should be – is going to run into problems with malware at some point. That’s where PC Cleaner Pro comes in. PC Cleaner Pro is much more than a simple registry cleaner. It will scan your system and identify malicious programs and eliminate them.

In fact, PC Cleaner Pro is sometimes almost too good. It casts a wide net when protecting a system from malware, and sometimes it catches files the user might want to keep. Of course, all that means is that users should examine their scan results to make sure something hasn’t been caught by mistake.

PC Cleaner Pro Scan2

Registry Cleaner:

Ever since Windows 3.1 all the way back in 1992, PCs have included a system registry, a database that stores the configuration settings and options for both the operating system and for individual programs. Unfortunately, this registry gets bogged down over time as software is installed and uninstalled, sometimes leaving things behind. As the name suggests, a registry cleaner clears out all the unwanted detritus from the system’s registry, allowing the whole system to run much more smoothly. PC Cleaner Pro is a top-notch registry cleaner that clears out the junk clogging the system registry and gets PCs back to peak efficiency quickly and easily. PC Cleaner Pro also resolves system and ActiveX errors, which also improves the performance of the PC.

PC Cleaner Pro Scan3

Temporary Files:

The internet is a wondrous place full of amazing content – and some that isn’t so amazing. Unfortunately, surfing the internet can come with a price when it comes to a computer’s performance, and not just from viruses or other malware. Visiting a web page causes much of the content of the page – image files, videos, etc – to be cached (i.e., temporarily downloaded) on the user’s machine, making it easier for the user to view a page, and helping it load faster when the user comes back. In addition, logging into websites – or even visiting a site where there are ads, sometimes – causes your browser to download cookies that remember your login information or even track your web browsing.

Unfortunately, these temporary files don’t get deleted automatically. Instead they accumulate, filling up hard drive space and impacting a PC’s overall performance. Fortunately, PC Cleaner Pro is tops at finding these unnecessary files and wiping them off of your computer. Cleaning files like this frees up valuable storage space and system resources, and is an important part of bringing any PC to peak efficiency.

Customer Service:

Unfortunately, even with the best product there are sometimes problems. When those problems crop up with your PC, you want the best customer service around. It seems that these days everyone has a customer service horror story. Whether it’s the cell phone company that overcharges for data roaming, the cable company that just can’t seem to show up when they say they will, or the bank that does their best to squeeze every last dime out of their customers. PC Cleaners inc., the company behind PC Cleaner Pro, offers customer service that is unparalleled. Whether by phone or by email, it’s easy to contact them with your problem.

PC Cleaner Pro Conclusion:

Keeping a PC running at its best can be difficult these days. Viruses and other malware, a corrupted or bloated registry, a hard drive full of cached files from internet surfing, and other problems can all combine to bog down your PC. This can lead to slower startup times and poor overall performance. Fortunately, PC Cleaner Pro takes care of all these problems and more, getting your PC back in top operating condition quickly and easily. What’s more, it does all this from a clean, attractive user interface, and at a price that puts some of the bigger names to shame. On top of that, PC Cleaner Pro also offers a free trial, letting you scan your computer and see what PC Cleaner Pro can do for you before you decide to buy.

Getting rid of Trojan Horse Virus

If any one hears about Trojan horse virus first thing which comes to mind is the Greece war where a big Trojan horse was made which had soldiers hiding in it. The opponent considered that they have won the war and they are presented with a gift and took it into the city. This is how the Trojan horse in current internet world also works. Trojan horse virus is a very hectic virus which is not that easy to find and clear it from the system. The viruses will come in the means of downloaded items or sharewares which when executed in the system will affect the system files too. So it is very important to keep an eye on the downloaded items and make sure you download it from the trusted websites. So the question is how to get rid of Trojan horse virus.

Keep updated version of antivirus: Hackers will make use of Trojan horse virus to spy away the private data from the personal. Once a virus is released in the web, antivirus updates will be released which has the ability to find them out and stop their activities. Hackers will not sit quite they will also make some changes to the virus and release it to web such that the current version of the antivirus cannot detect the virus. So it is must to update the antivirus time to time so that there will be an updated patch which will have the ability to find the recent Trojan horse virus.

Very important to scan the registry files and operating system files: If the virus is made to reside in the normal directories of the system where PC users can easily find them out, there is no use as they will delete it immediately. Trojan horse viruses are programmed in such a way that, once they enter into a system, they will make their way to the deeper operating system files and registry files, which most PC users will not be able to easily repair. So scanning the operating system and registry files is very important to protect yourself from the effects of Trojan horse virus. The other way is to find the affected registry files and update the values into the default system values which will bring back the system into normal state. We recommend the newest version of Speedy PC Pro

Task manager deletion: Once the Trojan horse virus has entered to the system, it will be active all the time when the system is running. So if you find that the system is not working properly based on your commands, then make use of task manager and fin out which are all the tasks running at the back ground. If the running process is not a system process and not a process triggered by you, then immediately highlight it and kill that process. But be sure about the process because, if the system process is killed then system might crash or freeze.

Update yourself on the virus: There are many forums and blogs which will provide complete information on the recent Trojan horse virus and how to remove them. For example Microsoft will be updating in the website regularly about this malicious virus. From these blogs or forums you can get to know the name of the files and their residing paths too. If you know more details about it then you can manually delete them easily.

Follow all these measures and keep your system updated with the recent antivirus to prevent any affects of Trojan horse virus and keep your system clean and secured. While browsing you have to make sure you visit the trusted sites only.

Find Out Whether PC Cleaner Pro Is A Scam Or Not!

Crimes are committed in various ways, creating a scam is one of them and it has been practiced for ages. What is of recent origin is that it has invaded the computer field also making the life of the unsuspecting computer users sometimes extremely miserable. Thousands of software programs available online, not all people can spot scam software while downloading. The best way to guard against such an unhappy occurrence is to protect the computer by getting pc cleaner pro before it is set in use.

Removing entry of scam software

Not all users start using their system with antivirus and anti spyware software installed in it. Such vulnerable computers are targeted by scam software that continuously pushes in spyware and malware. The poor computer user might get this in to his system while thinking that his downloading is genuine software. The spyware starts working immediately by transmitting stored data to the fraudster. Unfortunately, though many people know that this is preventable but they try to save a few dollars. (more…)

PC Cleaner Pro: How to Speed Up Your Computer?

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